Cipher's Guilt

Guilty conscience, surrounded by correspondence

consciousness come in waves, enamored with our better days

up and downs, stuck in a rut

frequent lethargy, the frequencies sparking a chain reaction

brain's reacting

says no.

body mind and soul glued to the floor, psyche myself up

then tear myself down


pieces of our life dwindle in this present we call time

too dark to see the light we seek, our imagination disperse

still percieve the back and forth timeline, thoughts of a better time, at peace


commotion in the motion, divergence spark entropy

a sea of hands that once held you high, set you down for sentencing

the deep regurgitate my state of being, feeling pity on myself for wanting betterment

empathy bleed from my peers

self indulgent propagation exude, seizing violently

attempting to tamper with my temperament,

incessantly proceeding forward, mutineer severing all dependency


quantum computation 0's and 1's, I'm the one up

avatar greater than and less than the sum of

anomolous congruent, an atomic confluence.

I shield my eyes from my bright future

temporal rift opening as I flash my ticket, taking a back seat to dark deceit






artdarkdarknessdarkness to lightpoetrysad poemsspirituality

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