My Knight in shining armour!!

O my knight in shining armour

You have fought the battles and won them over

Your plans are good and managed well

Whether standing alone or with your battalion

You shine like a mighty Angel sent from heaven

God has carved out the ways that you do tread

Making things easy although difficulties lay ahead

You have beheaded the ugly demons of the night

Have proved your worth and your towering might

I take pride in your achievements made

Your medals and well executed plans are proof enough for stances great

Your honour, respect and dignity is on a perpetual rise

I feel elated to acknowledge these facts to be

The world shall witness your glory, might and power

The sun will lose its glory and will bow in your honour

The moon will hide seeing your beauty bright

You outshine every star in the sky above

From this planet your light shall shine and spread in heaven above

God must be proud of the man you have eventually become

Making parents proud of victoriously facing each struggles

There are endeavours many lined up for you to take

I will always be by your side to motivate you with sermons great

Verses of almighty God shall protect you and guide you always

Prayers of victory for you earnestly to God i do make

Its just a matter of time and victories of every colour shall be yours

Now its time for intermission for you to rest and merry make

I am planning on a journey sweet and filled with love

A valley filled with flowers and gentle breeze

Where mornings are brightness and nights are of perfect dim

Kissing your scars and bleeding wounds

To anoint you and make you wholesome again

I shall suck away all your sadness and your troubles

Fill your heart with beauty and lots of happy vigour

Just the perfect caress at the perfect spot

Gently doing away your pain, wounds and hurts

May God bless me the powers right so our union could be worthwhile

It is time for us to tie the knot and eternally unite

Things are all in our favour and our friends are preparing for our big night

I am prepared by all means to leave my present and past behind

As an obedient dutiful wife i shall follow thee where ever you reside

Will try to make things comfortable amidst nature wild

Your arms shall be my home, your kisses my jewels

Your eyes my garments bright i to adorn and your voice the gentle breeze at home

Your heart is a home i do seek to forever reside

Lets not waste anymore time and prepare for wonderful life

Together we were beautiful and in future shall be awesome too

So lets prepare a banquet huge by the will of almighty god

For our eternal unite, for our perfect life!!!


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Tue 13th Aug 2019 16:06

Thank you Rose for leaving your precious comment. Highly appreciated!!🌷

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Rose Casserley

Tue 13th Aug 2019 12:14

a really lovely poem Do.Rothy costing but without any unwillingness on your part, a lot of hard work for which I thank you very very much.

Rose 💋

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