The moon is shooting lightning bolts

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A word that screams, torn
A child that's born, into hunger,
ribs sticking out
Coming from under is a real thing, violence too
How violent would you be if you was hungry too? 
Selling our health at a chance at a lie
Credit card bills and new drugs to try
Settling scores with no reason why
Killing eachother over eye for an eye
He's human too, just like you
Think about all the things he went through
How many kids he knew, because we was all once kids too
We spin and we screw, little pieces of it
You come unglued and you spit lemon
This cigarette burns out and you feel the infantry in you
Trained by the government to kill with many tools
We can find peace if we change the way we move
Think about our actions and smile,
let loose
Chase a goose around the park, put the
car in park and walk away
Tomorrow is the start of a brand new day

infantrylovemachinegunnerpeacepeace now

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