Figure out!!!

At every doorbell i ran to welcome you

Your home coming was long awaited que

Perhaps something kept you too busy

For you return doesn't seem early or easy


Sad tears fills my heart and trickles down the eyes

Heaviness consumes my soul and its not easy to rise

Still figuring out the situations and the circumstances

Hope someday i can make sense from your unsaid stances



◄ Gratitude in attitude!!

My Knight in shining armour!! ►


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Mon 12th Aug 2019 18:35

Thank you Don for your kind support and consideration!!

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Don Matthews

Sun 11th Aug 2019 23:49

Writing is cathartic
I see applies to you
I hope it helps you figure things
Decide what next to do

It is not always easy
When someone breaks your heart
To bounce back bright and breezy
And make a brand new start........

But we support you......

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