Terry Street - revisited (after Douglas Dunn)

they were young – and still are

but walk like old men

leaning on sticks

some struggle on crutches -

loaned from the Infirmary -

they never danced for joy and cannot now

their legs too stiff - their veins too brittle


the world was all before them

pleasant pathways open to them

they chose a dingy by-way

and over time their wandering steps

faltered them to Terry Street

where they congregate in squalor

awaiting the parousia

of Bath Salts and Spice


I wish them grass.

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Mon 12th Aug 2019 10:45

Thanks, Keith, I lived backing onto Terry Street in the 70s and Dunn's personae are very familiar - the council demolished the terrace and replaced it with hostel accommodation for troubled youth.

An Aldi is on the corner - handy for cheapo cider.

In my little poem I decided to use Dunn's template and marry onto it elements of Milton's 'Paradise Lost' - as this redevelopment could have brought happiness but intead has become a bit of a dumping ground for the lost of our society.

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keith jeffries

Sun 11th Aug 2019 12:15


A poem to conjure the mind into a variety of thoughts. I see those you describe, often in our cities who look gaunt and bereft of hope. Those who have aged prematurely owing to personal neglect and wrong choices in past years.

Thank you for this

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