Billy the Hero/Bedtime

Billy the Hero


When Billy swallowed a squeaky toy,

Esmarelda did not fret.

The high-pitched bark quite suited his size,

So she didn’t involve the vet.


William was Esmay’s birthday gift,

When she was only ten.

Mum had said she had no sense,

So she’d had to wait ‘til then.


When Billy was nearly six months old,

He was chewing everything.

Including socks and shoes, school uniform

And Mummy’s gold wedding ring.


The ring appeared from William’s rear,

On a Wednesday it passed through.

Dad got the job of cleaning it,

So he called the dog ‘Shiatzu’!


Esmay didn’t understand, ‘cos

Billy was a retriever.

She told Mum, who laughed out loud,

And obviously didn’t believe her.


William was now growing fast,

With his healthy appetite.

He still woofed like a teeny pup,

But owned a big dog’s bite.


Bernie the burglar woke Billy from slumber,

On a visit in the middle of night.

Yapping he could hear, didn’t fill him with fear,

But the size of the teeth triggered flight.


Billy’s bravery and lightning speed,

To others may have seemed bonkers.

But Esmay couldn’t have been more pleased,

To her he was William the Conqueror.




Come away with me sweet innocent.

Share a pillow full of dreams.

Together we’ll ride dragonflies through rainbows,

Exploring worlds, bordered only by our imaginations.


We swoop over dinosaurs, silent as butterflies,

Unseen, yet close enough to feel their steamy cabbage breath.

Their stripes and polka-dots dazzle in the everlasting sun;

Giant kaleidoscopes of kindness leaving footprints of love.


Tonight, we take a carpet ride, wrapped in jasmine sky,

Silk pyjamas fluttering like sails on the sandy ocean.

Genies seek us out, begging our wishes, with promises

Of Persian kingdoms, polished jewels and eternal happiness.


Cheerfully clip-clopping over castle cobbles,

Our ponies prance, practising en pointe.

Your armour clanks, as the seat of your pants,

Bounces in the saddle – you gigglybum.


Hold on to your horse and your hero in a hat.

Lasso his heart with smiles and silly songs,

Of baked bean burps and flying purple cows,

Filling the air with moosic and their pineapple pongs.


Earth-bound stars, on silver screens, point us west,

Where fame and fortune call you princess.

Your name in lights illuminates the night with fireworks,

Fantastic fiery dragons and fairy glitter.


Tinkerbell, Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks call you friend,

Spreading the word in tales of goodness, mischief and mirth.

Nursery rhymes sing your praises, while lullabies whisper your name,

And Grandpa’s feeling sleepy now, and hopes you feel the same.

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