I’ve gone off reading all that stuff

about the Nag Hammadi scrolls –

you know the ones found by those

shepherds in an ancient cave when

they’d gone in there for a squat –

I mean all very interesting yes, but

half of them landed on a cooking

stove when other fuel ran out – so

what are we supposed to learn from

all of that papyrus - if anything at all

No what does interest me though is

the three lost tape recordings of the

Home Guard and good old Dad’s Army

balmy days when Britain was at war.

Fortunately the cavalry is about to

arrive – or do I mean reinforcements

are on way – or at least re enactments

may perhaps re occur to save the day.

Who could replace John Le Mesurier

or Dunne or Mannering (Mainwaring)

or even Private Pike – whose name was

almost leaked to Gerries by faux pas.

Just who was it they were trying to kid?

Was it that geezer they called Mr Hitler?

Come on Sergeant Wilson get those men

back on the road marching again and

stop that Spiv from passing around those

smuggled fags. Don’t you know it’s highly

irregular and against the war effort?

‘Only slightly Sir’. Be quiet Sgt Wilson

and try to keep in step. ‘Awfully good of

you to say so Sir. I think Godfrey needs

to stop again for another wee poor chap.




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