Silent Witness and Silent Witness 2 (Supernova)

Silent Witness


Transfixed, she glared at her rock.

He stared back, barefaced and emotionless.

Her expression, startled and questioning,

Framed by a torrent of molten mane.

His blank coldness in marked contrast

Implied an obstinate defiance.

Neither moved nor gave ground,

And equally both held their breath.

Her eyes glazed with the promise of tears,

Mouth open, but words restrained.

His silence was just as essential, though

There were signs of moisture on the surface.

Blood spatter and brain matter

Confirmed his role as accomplice.


Silent Witness 2 (Supernova)


Her presence drew an adoring crowd,

Creating an electric buzz.

A frenzy of delirious disorder,

Underlining her popularity.

Falling over themselves

In undignified joy.

Consuming everything she submitted,

And offering up their children.


Spying her from a distance

Afforded me no detail, but to my eye,

She was not looking her best.

Barely recognisable.

Dispersing the mob as I approached,

Close enough to catch her scent,

Familiar, though we’d never met.

I respectfully knelt before her.

In deference of the dead.

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