The coffee menu showing

at Woking Wetherspoons

is down again – some tried

options work – others don’t.

Caffeine addicts queue with

tension growing  at a pace.

The guy from behind the bar

wearing the black garb of

management status –

exits from behind the jump

giving the machine one

mighty thump – forget calling

the technical people – local

knowledge works a treat – the

jaunty manager swaggers back

behind the bar and gives his

chest a rub as if to congratulate

himself on a job well done. The

coffee junkies gasp relief

and listen to the clunk and all

the whirring that goes with

making coffee by machine

but never give a thought about

the several brands of beans

like – I mean – think of all

the toiling peasantry in far and

foreign fields to reach their

target zones for menial pay

but never have a say about the

western junky bitter drinks.

Personally I don’t fuss either

I’m too busy looking for my

paper cup and gasping for a

welcome swig – and when my

caffeine hits the spot I feel

I’m on a passing cloud for now

but know the buzz won't last.

Is it that I'm being fickle do you

think about the stuff I drink?




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Don Matthews

Sat 10th Aug 2019 07:47

Who gives a toss about the
Poor workers pickin' coffee
I'm happy sittin' in the caff
Drinkin' feelin' toffy

What's that you say? the pickers?
Far-off plantation land
Have all gone out on strike, you say
They want more cash in hand?

What nerve! the pesky blighters
I say bring back slave-ry
And then we wouldn't run out, hey?
Of no more yum coffee

We want coffee. Brink back the slaves. Cecil Rhodes where are you?......

Philipos - I could have rambled on about the thump-repaired machine but felt this had more intellectual/moral merit to it. Your inspiration was appreciated.

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