From Woodstock with love, peace, beads, bells, and acid

Sun cooked highway


back seated

welcome A/C cooled car.


Flared denim legs mile upon mile weakened

hash smoking himself to sleep.


Has travelled other journeys too

but not of this earth

diethylamide trips

that always lifted him high and clear

of realities jagged rocks

and into rainbow skies.


But man! those come-downs!



Stef Wilde    


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sat 10th Aug 2019 13:54

Mr. cleverly rhyming Matthews, cheers loads for your two helpings

( link check out later )

Tui, zowie! did you miss out on the best era ever ( 60's )
mid century soon girl.

We were not financially fortunate enough to make the Woodstock trek or any of our domestic equals but relished the memory saddening nearer home ' far-out' scene ( man ? )

Did we partake you might wonder any of the twelve skinned two-handed spliffs
or handful ' black bombers/purple hearts ' ( heart tabs )
down our then crazy necks?

Haha! surely, you wouldn't think for one minute that we would disclose such secrets, would you?

Let us put it this way, it was a time when we did a LOT of laughing along with a LOT of walking about in a zombified state.

Coincidentally, one of our she buddies on here ( Rose Casserley ) has blogged a poem titled ' Earth Angel '

Do you know what we're saying? ahem.

Cynthia, in the glory of your valuable liking presence, we prostrate ourselves! ( well, they can't touch you for it )

Lorra Lerv people!

P&S xx

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Don Matthews

Sat 10th Aug 2019 09:43

Hello there my Woodstock child
Happy times they be
Joni Mitchell brings them back
Enjoy, both you and me...

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Tui Dragonfly

Sat 10th Aug 2019 08:41

Hahaha! Nice and thank you.
I'm a 'Woodstock baby' turning 50 next week!

My loving husband played me a song, by Joni Mitchell our very own 'Earth Angel'.


It took me by surprise and had been my guide as I slide into the next chapter of my life.

Thank you for the reminder of such a world moving event.


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Don Matthews

Sat 10th Aug 2019 07:59

Downslides from acid are painful
(It's not that I've slid, even tried)
It's more of a crash/bang than downslide
A journey I've no wish to ride

Or even a taster trip......

Now hash is a much milder tripper
(Also which I have never tried)
I also was not at wild Woodstock
Where hash-tripping hippies did hide......

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