Get Real

I want to write what pleases me,

And let the words flow wild and free.

In praise of love and times of glee,

Pen my thoughts romantically.

But times are hard, you will agree,

So I choose to reflect with commentary,

On all that happens in reality:

People in pain and poverty,

Child abuse, depravity.

Religious war, brutality.

Crimes against humanity.

Instant fame and celebrity,

Through idleness and vanity.

Budget cuts, the death of industry,


Treatment is a postcode lottery,

Drugs in sport, no more equality.

M.P.’s on the take, bribed commercially,

To turn a blind eye to tax escapology.

No manners or respect and even less civility.

Cold, hungry pensioners forced to give up dignity.

We live in a country full of insolence and bigotry,

But before you criticise and have your go at me,

Remember poetry is life and my life’s in poetry.

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Robert Mann

Fri 9th Aug 2019 20:26

Cynthia - your input is always greatly appreciated and I have missed your wise words during my sabbatical. Now that I have been cajoled into putting my back catalogue onto audio, you will see a few more from me. Feel free to rein me in anytime as I do hold your critiques in high esteem.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 9th Aug 2019 19:57

Gentlemen, you make my day. Good poems are often pure imagination. I think that the best ones probably aren't. IMO, something 'extra' does come through, a kind of passion that can't be manufactured for effect. Although empathy is a strong force too.

Good poem, Rob.

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Robert Mann

Fri 9th Aug 2019 17:16

Graham - your original comment was open to question, so that's just what I did. Thanks for clearing up how your 'riddle' was meant. I'm sure we all have a Walter Mitty character within us, but I do try to portray the real me when I write and don't just rant for effect or recognition (although appreciation is always accepted in good grace). There were no wrong impressions on my part, just a search for clarity. Thanks again.

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 9th Aug 2019 15:54

Hello Rob,

Precisely, concerning interpretation

No I meant that we do, all of us, have a reason for writing and we should all acknowledge those reasons of others. I've never subscribed to the 'you have to have done it to write it' point of view. It's what fiction is for.

Poetry can make us all strong, weak, bigoted, magnanimous, a hero, a coward, a sinner or a saint, anything you want really. So what!

Of course another regular faux-pas that is often misunderstood is that of autobiography. Some things are made up!

Hope I didn't give the wrong impression.


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Robert Mann

Fri 9th Aug 2019 15:09

Graham - if your comment is meant to suggest that I gained some sense of relief by writing this piece you would be mistaken, but I suppose interpretation of why a person writes is also open to the reader. Thanks for commenting.

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 9th Aug 2019 14:58

The House of Catharsis has many rooms with many doors but no cellar. One person's perception is another's reality.

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Robert Mann

Fri 9th Aug 2019 14:49

David - I write about what I see and feel and if that involves taking a shot at people, so be it. Have a good night mate and thanks for commenting in your usual focused and veracious way.

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 9th Aug 2019 14:33


Some people seem unaware of the ability to acknowledge injustice and unfairness, and to be able to write about it and still be a happy stable person. I would feel sorry for such people if I indulged myself to suffer fools, I don't.

Often what people write is not an example of their happiness/misery or lack of but a measure of where their priorities lie, others indulge themselves in expressing the emptiness of their lives without even realising it.

Some are more concerned with shedding light on the suffering of others and attempting in some way to alleviate their continued suffering.

There are hybrids much ridiculed in certain circles who have the ability to do both, I think you fall into that category.

Cheers Rob, it's Friday night and I'm going out into the real world to have some fun...because I can.

Keep writing the way you do pal, people do appreciate it.


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