Fifteen Miles

"Fifteen miles as the crow flies"
So let's break this down.
You're telling me that a crow
cruising a straight line
at 30 miles per hour
will take a half hour
to reach the tree.
Well I'm cruising at about 70,
got a detour for construction on I-90,
some snail farmer in a combine
thinks now is the right time
to hit the county roads,
and I gotta drop down
to 20 because the paint
and the rise say passing
is no bueno, and he ain't
waving me by.
The crow,
on the otherhand,
is getting mobbed
by eastern kingbirds
not liking his shadow
on the nests.
And yes, that bloated
skunk is fine feast
for a crow flying
as a crow flies,
hopping to a fence
when the implements
pass tall and reptilian.
Given that and some quick
calculations based
on what I remember
from my high school
geometry class -
Pythagorean Theorem
and all that -
the crow and I
should arrive
at precisely the same time,
pissed off and hungry.

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Devon Brock

Fri 9th Aug 2019 22:11

Thanks for the likes and comments, just felt like a bit of silliness. Very punny Adam, and perhaps if the crow and I arrived at the crowbar simultaneously, perhaps we would have gotten hammered together and forgot about the tree entirely.


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Rose Casserley

Fri 9th Aug 2019 10:29

loved it Devvo, especially the vein of humour building up to its finale.


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Don Matthews

Fri 9th Aug 2019 08:30

Gosh, Adam you've taught me some new things
(I'm Aussie so allowed to be dumb)
Things that I didn't know existed
(But did know 'bout scratching one's bum)

Now Adam this crow bar you talk of
(Where you say lots of hammering goes on)
Is that where the saying 'Stone the crows' comes from ?
It's a new one to me, perhaps Devon?

I like this new word that you've thought up
Fewtoomany - what creative talent!
Can I maybe suggest a logical contraction?
Few2many looks bit more cool (and in balance) 😛

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Adam Rabinowitz

Fri 9th Aug 2019 05:44

If a crow on its way somewhere stopped in for a drink would you say that it got hammered by the crow bar? Also, this might slow it down and you would arrive at the tree which then might get pissed on, especially if you had also stopped at a bar on your way, hungry and thirsty and had a fewtoomany.

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Don Matthews

Fri 9th Aug 2019 03:43

Crow and thee
By Pythagory
Arrive at the same time
Both pissed as can be

Crow flying straight
Crooked you're cruising
Both end together
All this is confusing......😎

Perfectly confusing.....

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 8th Aug 2019 23:53

Perfect 😂

J. x

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