When politicos attack our souls,

They don’t just put the boot in.

Some frighten their foes to achieve their goals,

And some use a strongarm, like Putin.


Others, barely subtle, use denial and rebuttal,

To repress the truth about rampant corruptions.

Between lies they shuttle, like rats on the scuttle.

Citing ‘fake news’ in toilet Twitter eruptions.


Using daily deception to bend our perception,

On reality, humanity and truths.

Beware the barrage of the likes of Farage,

Who assembles the boots of skin-headed yoof.


They don’t like minorities, have their own priorities,

And the old and the sick are sadly despised.

They’ve no redeeming qualities, so fuck the Authorities,

And revolt so the world can be wholly revised.

◄ Yes Minister

Get Real ►


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Robert Mann

Fri 9th Aug 2019 14:05

Adam/Keith - Thanks for all the compliments fellas. I seem to be on an anti politics roll at the moment (have you seen the previous two pieces)? The next one is also in the same genre so enjoy!

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keith jeffries

Fri 9th Aug 2019 09:55

I stand in awe at this poem as it joins the genre of dissent which is very popular at this time. Rob you have excelled yourself with this piece of writing. Please may we have more?

Thank you for this

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Adam Rabinowitz

Fri 9th Aug 2019 06:03

This is fantastic. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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Robert Mann

Fri 9th Aug 2019 00:25

Don - Thanks mate. 👍

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Don Matthews

Thu 8th Aug 2019 23:18

Well presented and rhymed Rob...

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Robert Mann

Thu 8th Aug 2019 21:56

Brian - Thanks a lot for the compliment. Wish my voice did it justice on the audio.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 8th Aug 2019 19:55

Fantastic rhyming Rob...particularly the Putin one!

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