Fragments "Lost But Not Known Yet"

In reaching out for kindness I hold onto life's tenuous grip. I feel the despair of the autumn leaf that cannot fall. 

The appearance of beauty is a superficiality whose well of creation is endless as it is inspirational.

She does not speak english if she does it is purely incidental for she speaks the language of the unconscious.

Sometimes we lose the ones we love when we choose to get lost.

Not to pay attention to truth when you want to protect a lover.

This is the leg that needs to kick. The one that's seen as letters.

The sun's radiance becoming the background of my core projection.

Doors slamming like a punch in the gut.

Suffering is served by degrees from endless measure.

Necessity hardens the heart, eventually the mind.

Sometimess sadness is a cat that escapes without being seen.


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