A Dull Blade Needs An Edge

Same dull knife that ain't been sharpened in years.
But the fingers conform to the worn familiar grip,
between the sweat seasoned tang
and the callous building heel.

Same old blade, same old balance,
that once never bled the eyes
with blasts of sting onion vibes,
now cuts with a thump,
the panic of propane
clings to the nosehair,
with each successive
crossgrain slice.

Same old blade, same old balance,
used to slice garlic thin as almonds,
now gotta lean heavy on the clove,
snap-busting compounds as unstable
as this thin crust hand cracking
the sulphur vents of Vesuvius.


- Inspired by a suggestion from Adam Rabinowitz. Thanks, Adam!

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Alaia vibes

Mon 12th Aug 2019 03:33

Love this man!

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Devon Brock

Thu 8th Aug 2019 22:40

Thank you, Lisa. My wife keeps her blade razor sharp - and won't let me touch it, LOL. She says that since I don't respect my old Chicago Cutlery, I can't use hers.


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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 7th Aug 2019 22:41

Written by a true artist, Devon, you and your favorite knife!
I love cooking and the mastery of preparing food as an art.
Smell and sound are such wonderful senses; add taste...viola!
A meal (or a poem) fit for a king.

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Devon Brock

Wed 7th Aug 2019 21:53

Thank you, Jason and Adam, wait until the wife sees me sniffing the vacuum cleaner hose. I noticed today that my neighbor's fresh cut grass smells like parsley and cracked pepper. What are you doing to me Adam?


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Jason Bayliss

Wed 7th Aug 2019 09:27

This is exactly what I love about WOL, everyone has their thing, their own style and when it comes to drawing a moment, an atmosphere, in words? You have a rare talent my friend, rare indeed.

J. x

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Adam Rabinowitz

Wed 7th Aug 2019 02:49

Doesn't matter what I think...only what you think...but I thought it was beautifully crafted...hints of garlic, onions, and even sulfur. But not only smell, I could feel the heft and haft of it.

Now you need to tell me what I might push myself more on.

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Devon Brock

Tue 6th Aug 2019 18:09

Thanks fish, just playing around with sound and smell. Adam suggested that I explore senses other than sight and touch, so I thought I would give it a go. Thanks for the read.


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Tue 6th Aug 2019 17:42

Hi Devon - plenty of edge in this. Had to get my handkerchief out and wipe my eyes 😃. Can't argue against the need for edge in a kitchen context - in poetry? Good read, thanks.

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