snow 1956

Snow 1956


Snowy night, streets were covered in a calm,

carpet of white and since it was Sunday morning,

with few cars about, the grubby town looked as

beautiful as a fairy tale; till Monday, when traffic

would churn snow into yellow, dirty slush and

people, in black or drab grey, would have mist

coming out of their mouths as they moaned about

the weather. In the park, the snow would last for

days and I could make my footprints large by

subbing my feet on white ground land contrasting

black trees and pale sky made for stark beauty; in

front of park benches where old men sat, talking

ships. Tobacco spittle. Winter 1956, colours only

appeared in comic strips, and in western movies.

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Tue 6th Aug 2019 11:17

A beautiful pictursque poetry. Loved the description. Very well sketched.

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