The River steals light

from the Street and from the Stars,

like floating lanterns of reflection

launched from the cupped hands of Gods


the city skies are blinded

where men's eyes are lit by lesser wonder,

in darkness all that shines distracts 

in darkness only the sightless see,


hearing storms in telling trees,

sensing sea salt on the poison breeze,

in days when polar ice caps unfreeze

We bathe ourselves in centuries. 


The Estuary feeds the greater wash

the Planet fades tide by tide,

the Moon cannot restrain herself

and floods our world with tears she cries.

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The Lazarus Tears ►


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Peter Taylor

Sat 17th Aug 2019 06:28

In darkness only the sightless see. Gold star for that alone.

As good as any of your greats.

Peter T.

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 15th Aug 2019 08:58

Thank you Rob,

Very much appreciated.


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Robert Mann

Wed 14th Aug 2019 15:09

David - I read your piece as the inevitable end of our place in the world, hence the moon crying for our fate. The planet and all its beauty was here before us and will probably recover after we have gone. We are blasé and think we will last forever, but humanity is but a mere blip in time. Beautifully written my friend.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 12th Aug 2019 23:01

Forget what I've written..listen to this.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 12th Aug 2019 12:28

Many thanks Alaia,

Good to see you here. Much obliged for your reading and comments.


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Alaia vibes

Mon 12th Aug 2019 03:20

This is tremendous man. Fantastic read.

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 7th Aug 2019 13:03

Thank you Devon, Rachel and Ray,

I have been thinking about the temptation for artists in all mediums to create with broad brush strokes, I have noticed how many are drawn to broad subjects which they approach and tackle with broad technique.

This is something I am trying to avoid (but still do on occasion) there is little satisfaction in it for me, it does not drill down to an individual level. It's an easy option when all said and done. That said it attracts a great many admirers, probably because it's a quick fix requiring minimal interpretation and thought.

I believe to get under the skin of anything requires a boiling down of bones to expose the finer detail and questions. That has been my experience of real life so why not employ the same philosophy when attempting to understand and portray it in the written word?

Now, that is probably all tosh.... but it's my tosh.


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Tue 6th Aug 2019 12:18

There are some weighty images here, and I find a sense of confusion in what is real and imagined, deliberately expressed as if to throw us off balance as we take so much for granted David. "The way" is obscured as we really don't see clearly, only thinking we do, while the well wishers of the planet would gently guide us to oblivion with their hands in the air.

Sorry, I know this is probably tosh, but I admire your poetry and have done my best !


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 5th Aug 2019 17:23

Thank you for the likes and flowers folks.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 5th Aug 2019 00:30

Thanks Devon and Rachel,

no worries on how you comment Devon, grateful for the feedback.

Rachel, I clicked on the link and was pleased to see I did make comment on your piece.


The idea of Gods makes life more colourful, probably their only true value other than controlling the mob.

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Sun 4th Aug 2019 19:23

..can't leave that in such a cryptic state, so I'll explain by saying that many personal thoughts, of late, have been about the nature of light. So, happening upon this, for me, is somewhat fortuitous )

Please pardon the indulgence, but it also reminded me, just a little, of this--

I know it doesn't relate directly, but isn't everything--as you allude--even in some distant way, connected? many aphorisms, so little time...

Rachel ;

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Devon Brock

Sun 4th Aug 2019 15:07

David, I must say this wonderfully lyrical. I particularly enjoy your choice to capitalize various nouns in the first and last stanzas - pointing me to the larger sense of the symbols presented. I think the devise employed pushes the feeling of deflation and ignorant materialism in the 2nd and 3rd, where the capitals are absent. I hope you don't mind me commenting on the bones of the piece, as the theme speaks for itself.


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