I don’t just live alone

there is a lodger on the

upper floor just nesting there

without a single by your leave

it’s something I try not to grieve

too much about, though doubt

sometimes intercedes and sets

off something doing Irish jigs, on

twigs, inside my aching head

I don’t just live alone

the ringing of the phone

reminds me of an outer

brighter world and kiddies

laughter welcoming a happier

snappier wholesome spring

I don’t just live alone there

is a growth inside my brain

which sometimes drains my

moods making me brood a lot

and essentially I’ve gone to pot

I am no longer living on my own

so please don’t ring me  on the

telephone when you get home




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M.C. Newberry

Tue 6th Aug 2019 11:51

I enjoyed this observation on what is probably reality for many these
days when it's actually hard to be on your own in the ultimate sense,
with invasions, interruptions and intercessions from numerous sources in this electronically driven age. I had an email recently
(from a commercial enquiry) that was chased up by TWO texts when I didn't respond! Multiply that on a daily basis to get the picture of
life for a great many people nowadays.

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Don Matthews

Sun 4th Aug 2019 05:44

I respect people's wishes, I do, Phil
By not ringing you up on the phone
You see I've got troubles with telco
I don't seem to get a ring tone

There's also the matter of dollars
10,000 miles is a long way
Imagine the cost of a phone call!
No discount by night or by day

So instead of my useless telco phone Phil
(And respecting your wish not to phone)
I've sent you this email instead
And I'll let you go to pot on your own......

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