Ants I suggest are no mere aberration.

They live in a formicary – posh word for station.

Ants have technicians who aerate their hills,

and also mean mouths with pincers and bills.

Never take picnics where ants are afoot

for ants with agenda could not give a hoot.

They munch on a sandwich, a grape or a pear

and couldn’t care less if they stray in your ear.

Ants and their mandibles make you feel sore

if they penetrate underwear up from the floor,

while in distant Australia, fire ants dance –

and you will, too, if they crawl up your pants.




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Don Matthews

Sat 3rd Aug 2019 23:59

Golly gosh there Philipos
They're vicious, you I'll grant
In my back yard here yesterday?
This fire ant antic rant

Well bugger me....

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