Funeral prayer!!!

As the preparations for a huge gathering going around to bid farewell to the beloved member, everyone was extremely busy to exchange any words. Except the arrangements that were being made that actually led to any conversation either directly face to face or over the mobile phone.

Technology has changed our social norms and customs too. A whats' app message was enough an invite to the relatives and dear ones for the last prayer service. No vocal discussions and not even a phone call. Many who wouldn't be able to attend sent their condolence as an app message too. Facebook, twitter and all modes of messenger services were used inorder to spread the message across. It was easy to circulate in no time. Many droped in the condolence on comment and few sent mails too.

Funeral prayer, i often wonder, is a farewell prayer service for the dead or for the alive. With so much food, menus are decided, food ordered on zomato, swiggy etc. A kind of carnival happens. Many just attend the service to check out the menu and enjoy the farewell meal.

Nonetheless, a funeral prayer is a stamp, a seal to confirm the deceased departure. After this there is no second thought about the deceased whereabouts. People wish to meet them, will have to visit the land of the dead. 

Why people have these funeral rites with such fanfare and pomp? Isn't it a solemn affair to be organised in a decent way, and yes, to be attended with a heart full of sadness for the departure of the soul. Anyways, who cares? Funeral prayers are like a confirmation ticket for the ones alive to invade the dead person's property and wealth left behind. Does it matter to the departed soul anyway? But humanity is still alive or it has also left this world?

Funeral prayers are often the last rites in honour of the person deceased. It is a farewell with sincere feelings of sadness and prayers for peace for the departed soul. This rite is still an important custom in almost all religion and cultures. We should follow the customs and the rites.


The last prayer service!!!

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Sun 4th Aug 2019 08:49

I agree with you too Jennifer. Thank you for reading and liking the piece🌷

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Sun 4th Aug 2019 08:48

I will try Don and will update u👍

jennifer Malden

Sun 4th Aug 2019 06:38

A memorial service, not the actual funeral, but later on, can be more a celebration of the person's life, rather than grieving for their death.
It helps the relations to remember all the positive moments in their life with the deceased. I do agree absolutely about the use of Apps to communicate. Although quicker and more direct, a letter or a note remains, and as you say, is more dignified. When he died my father received 200 notes/letters from people who had found something to like in him, or remembered some small kindness.


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Don Matthews

Sun 4th Aug 2019 00:21

I agree with the content but would have preferred to see it as a conventional poem in verse form........

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