Dreaming of Boats

There's a brown leather sofa on the curb marked "free"
There's an '87 Jimmy with a flat tire and rusty fenders
down on Dows marked "runs $200 or best offer"

There's a new stop sign at the bottom of Center
that nobody's shot up yet. Sure as shit county
gonna be lurking around behind the daycare around five

That wanna be a cowboy that runs the Jesse
installed some slots a few years back, now he's selling booze
where the DVD's used to be.

I don't know his name, never did anyway,
but I bought a couple ugly Bics from him today
because nobody steals ugly lighters.

Seems like things are looking up at Splitrock
a lot of boats in the driveways. I always wanted
a boat. But I got a lay-off instead in '09.

Got a hunk of plaster, though.
Just clinging to the lathe above the coffee machine.
Gonna crack my head wide open one day.

Gonna crack my head open when I pour
when I pour that first cup on a grit-eye morning
on a grit-eye morning still dreaming of boats.

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Don Matthews

Sat 3rd Aug 2019 01:26

Doesn't need to rhyme for it to flow - as yours does.....

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Devon Brock

Sat 3rd Aug 2019 00:24

Thanks Jason, got me a lime green gem of hands-off Bic next to me right now.


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Jason Bayliss

Sat 3rd Aug 2019 00:04

And it is also absolutely true that no-one steals ugly lighters.

Again, a uniquely styled, brilliant poem.

J. x

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