We were made before time was measured,

When our world was forged by furious fire,

And the bellowing breath of raging titans.

Elemental and mystic, we rode unicorns

And tamed dragons, to rule forests and skies.

Serpents recoiled in reverential repose,

And gryphons circled beneath us,

Never daring ascent to our heights.


Those spiteful gods, having created us,

Grew jealous of our flaming passion

And cast their wilful intentions.

Ice replaced heat, encasing souls

And freezing blood and bone alike.

Plunged into deepest ocean dark,

And guarded by leviathan and kraken,

Unfathomable pain in our depths.


As this planet withers, wrinkling with age,

Jaded deities relocate their playground,

And ancient envies are unheeded.

Volcanic rifts stir seas into boiling frenzy,

And thaw long buried tombs.

Hearts escape their watery graves,

And reunite to beat as one,

Rise again and reignite our love.

◄ Leaving My Love

Indian Summer ►


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Robert Mann

Fri 2nd Aug 2019 17:06

Keith - Happy I could spark your imagination. Thanks for the complementary comments - very much appreciated.

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keith jeffries

Fri 2nd Aug 2019 15:05


What a poem. It set my mind spiralling with unrestrained imagination. A powerful use of the language with each line possessing its own impact. This is poetry at its best. Well done!

Thank you

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