Expressing oneself either in poetry or prose, requires the right emotions. Trying to be, what one isn't ,creates blank spaces left unfilled. It's fun to read between lines, but when it comes to writing, one has to be extremely sure of right kind of message being put across. 

I have many stories and facts to relate. To pen them down is easy, expressing is easy, only the feeling that will I be able to maintain the tranparency for others to understand the notions correctly lingers. Following the examples of many prose pieces presented I too share mine with my friends here.

I write to share my feelings and thoughts, may be I even do expect to receive feedbacks. The comments whether critical or praise some how or other helps to write better than previous pieces. So, the feedbacks are important inorder to make a better version of us as writers or poets.

This is going to be a long piece, so many might not have time to read and many might not feel any interest. Anyways i shall contribute in writing various pieces in variety of expressions. Hope the right thoughts are generated and communicated well through each prose piece i present here.

The readers may wonder, why I am explaining myself even before writing an exciting piece. It's merely a way of convincing my ownself that which i explain to every one else. It some how clears my own thought process and removes all sorts of inhibitions. It gives me a moral code and an ethical conduct in pursuit of a new venture i undertake.

Before i finally explore and freely express in grammatically sensible language, i apologise for any errors and flaws in my work. Critical appreciations are worth the remarks which I do encourage inorder to improve and improvise my writings.

With this I for now conclude, by sharing a line from a not so famous a writer i.e. me to chew upon before a prose worth commenting is finally added as an entry in my blog.

"Never judge yourself by others remarks, for their remarks express their worth not yours." - Do.Ro.ThY

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