Responding to an old friend

The day you called me nigger lover
was the afternoon of my dissent
from the back alley boys club
and rolled dungaree territories
marked off down where the long
lines of chain link bend right
where the churchyard intervenes
between us and the snowball stand.

You might think you whipped me tight
but my decision to include a new friend
that dipped jars in the crick for tadpoles
behind the brick young family roads
was mine to make and that black eye
and bloody nose to this very day
this very night remains.

Don't be knocking on techno's door
for a shot of stale whiskey and fond golden
shots of what we were when we weren't
and will never be. Yea, you posted
that pic of the back alley boys
shirtless, hairless, rolled dungarees
all smiling like jack rabbits on the run,

But it was Michael, Michael that showed
me how a tadpole becomes a frog.
It was Michael that rode the Comet
at Hershey with me, alone, because
we couldn't or wouldn't run
with the back alley boys who still
don't know what they've done.

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Mae Foreman

Sat 3rd Aug 2019 00:40

Very very well said! 🎈

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Devon Brock

Fri 2nd Aug 2019 21:03

Thanks for the likes and comments. Some folks need to think twice before sending out "friend" requests. I know we are all getting older, but some things are not easily forgotten or forgiven.


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Rose Casserley

Fri 2nd Aug 2019 14:25

and unfortunately Dev, a scenario that most probably will go on forever being repeated. Gold dust stuff dude!

Rose 💋

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Jemima Jones

Fri 2nd Aug 2019 13:44

Having read this poem Devon, I only need to set one praising word apart from these, and that word is-outstanding! Thank you. Jemima.

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Fri 2nd Aug 2019 08:27

A lot of those old rebels had real rebellion beaten right out of 'em and were all about handing out more of the same as what they got.

But, sometimes, youth is endowed with not only innocence, but with strength and a sense of fairness and justice that allows them to suffer black eyes and bloody noses without shame.

It's a moving tale, Devon--much appreciated )


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