Fragments "To Undo And In Undoing To Become"

Pleasure a form of happiness that survives in the most extreme regions of human experience.


Sometimes sadness was a candle flame held beneath the heart. At some point all feelings become assimilated by the pain until it can no longer hurt.


The universe isn't evil just profoundly innocent. It is we who are too complex.


True beauty does not deny ugliness.


I can't help igniting fires to catch your attention. Burning only hurts when you are separate from fire.


Preference moulds by hands the shape of consciousness. What would the shape of my existence be like if I had all preferences.


I live on thresholds picking daisies for the moment.


I seek to see your blindness in the face of my sun.


Life a banquet seasoned by tears.


Comfort in being without concern. Life lives even inside the words of death. 


Strangers are exotic.



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