Fragments "Falling Into Form"

Life a game of solitaire that imagined there were others.


I smoke and drink now but the difference between now and the past is that I no longer view it as a bad habit but  instead I give myself entirely to it with love.


Love is a complexity few are willing to encompass, understand or accept.


Sometimes I think of my betrayal of William S Burroughs and I hope my writing softens his rage with love. Can he understand? Is he willing to forgive? Perhaps, perhaps not.


As a boy I could never accept the gift of my Fathers love. It was too painful a gift. All I wanted was the pleasure he was so good at giving.

Time all at once feels never ending. Every second has the possibility of containing it. 

I want you in the swirling currents and winds of invisible corridors. You a permeation of night that swells my heart. My heart without boundaries knows no end.


The universe is seducing me in ways my heart desires most. The orgasm is psychic procreation. 

The profound eroticism of pastel pink and powder blue as if colours were aware of their own sexuality.

Her yes a smile, her no heartbreak.

 Ipetitioned the infinite intelligence of God to bless Satan and William S Burroughs. I wept tears of happy relief to know the universe has ears.

Some lean so completely they become soft with the blurring of infinity. Others lean hard with a single vent. But we we are all leaning with every fibre of our being. We lean with every word and gesture.

It is what is, we merely eat the leftovers with relish.

I define evil as innocence. Originality is dysfunctional. The innocence from right and wrong.

The threat of extinction stimulates growth. e.g Ariel Sylvia Plath

Not to need anymore but instead to relish. Need is necessity, enjoyment is leisurely.

My lover is a jealous one I let my kindness stifle and in so doing my love and kindness for her grows.

Pigeons most noble of birds have an affinity with children. They are masters of innocence.

Perhaps all pain is just a form of forgetting the one you love.

Yes! each flower is unique but who can say why? Mystery is forever in love with itself.

I crossed transcendence when absolute despair animated my life.

Magnitude is always in exceedance.

A genuine smile is the agreeability of timelessness.





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