Aspect of her being

Golden ratio in her palatial

universe in company, always good on her promise.

Her flower of life is timeless, spend all my days in her focal point

my intention at play on my brain, but the thought stem from hers

stuck in my ways, her path dislodge and pave

recurrent occurence in our sphere, purity echo throughout my peer

sheer is her tree of life. Landmarks bring me to a right

without her light, I would not be seeing at night

Strictly platonic, solids need an observer

Omnipresent her presence, atomic, dissonance draw attention for sure.

Good god, how do you do it, harmony plays it own music, novel and sound.

Intricate the faculties of your mind, unraveled with time

I hope to get a piece of the PI, name the place

holy trinity your grace, the one for me 

discuss business over a dinner date

pay my tuition, intuitive, tell you you're pretty even though you already knew it.

I hope I don't lay dormant in her brain cell, discard my skeleton key

her eyes take in my light, expel her view, perceiving gold in my shell 

if death is a consequence of the universe, I pray my life be skewed

poked and prodded by the devil, primevil our soul bond

revel in the relishes, settle for the sentencing, the spoken word rush and pervade

we hug and pull

but we never take time away







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