sleeping with penguins

quiet music from the room

the Penguin Café Orchestra

swinging something classical


through the open window

birds singing


I stand at the door

a soft sheet wraps her waist


against a breast

our new-born son

makes contented baby sounds


her milk trickles his chin


both are sleeping


I climb on the bed

lean my head


and put my lips


her baby-free breast


the pasture scent

of our son’s head


the misty glaze

of perspiration


the music

the birdsong


her breathing

baby’s purring


an intoxication


caught in the music

I close my eyes


and picture dancing

and more than dancing

I am pirouetting

with an exaltation of strangers


I hug them

they hug me


we laugh together

we sweat together


I drift to sleep


Horace Silver’s

Mexican Hip Dance

wakes me


mother and baby have not stirred


I slide from the bed


Sunday morning

life is sweet

◄ summer lovin' (redux)

Terry Street - revisited (after Douglas Dunn) ►



Tue 30th Jul 2019 18:46

Thanks, Ray ?

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Tue 30th Jul 2019 14:02

Editing this might be a curse Rick. It should be preserved in stained glass - so much to enjoy in the detail and the roundness and humanity of it. I can't but love it.



Tue 30th Jul 2019 12:39

Thanks, Graham, I'm trying to eliminate (often unnecessary) conjunctions and stick to the image itself. I enjoyed writing this and dare say I'll edit it to death ?

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 30th Jul 2019 11:49

Well this is really lovely. What scene could be better the this and you have nailed it. I have seen the Penguin Cafe orchestra and can imagine drifting off to their tune!


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