A Night Time Stroll

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In honor of a night time stroll

I won’t let you down; you should say no more!

Here, take my hand.  Let’s walk out this door

to be young again, like we did before…


The air will be warm, a balmy night

We’ll grab beers to go and a smoke to light

As we make our way down an empty street

moon light, flood light, crickets on repeat


At the end right there an ancient house stands

old as can be and many times changed hands

I dare you, you dare me:  should we go inside?

But we both know we will, we’ve nothing to hide


It’s a sinister place, though, and shadowy too

you win some, you lose some – and this place was through

We make it as far as the front drawing room

creaking and cracking; apprehension-filled gloom


Spiraled stairs wind their way to where no one should stay

dusty spirals looming in historic disarray

we don’t dare ascend as the floors may give way

our hearts beating faster; shadows tremble and sway


A moment to kiss, take a swig and a smoke

the excitement we share from our spooky little joke

We keep quiet for reasons we don’t even know

it was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to go!


A blood moon is calling, a lunar rip tide

Hold my hand, hold on tight – an excitement filled ride!

Ride the waves with me, kiss the stars

The night time is ours!


Be my scary little darling; my night time delight

May the morning never come, make it last all night

We want to live in it, breathe it in

You make everything all right.





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Martin Elder

Sun 28th Jul 2019 15:49

Rebecca this is a lovely piece of poetry which casts a wonderful plea from one lover to another.
Nice one

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Don Matthews

Sun 28th Jul 2019 03:59

Rebecca I'm a rhymer by nature and it took me halfway to see this. Guess I'm used to expecting prose on the site. When you pick up on rhyme it becomes music to the ears and can carry whatever message you want it to. You, the rhyme, it, made me come along with you on your night time stroll. And what a nice stroll it was. Except I gave the smoke a miss. But the swig I enjoyed......

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