a new planet

 A New Planet

For me, it is too late

But had been young I would

Have done my utmost to find another planet

Liveable for humans.

Think of it a planet without border

Not carved up into countries and rivalries

And threats from states with big land.

Just one continent where anyone could travel

Where they wanted no passport controls

Or unsightly walls.

A planet without religion to upset the peace

And of course, no political parties

No rules set by the mighty, the authority

Who divert rivers without asking the people?

In short, a planet for the people and

Animals in the wilderness.

Alas, since humans are settlers.

they will take their flaws along

and in time screw it up


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Don Matthews

Fri 26th Jul 2019 13:59

We'd like everything to be perfect
But gradually we would get bored
We'd want a little bit of imperfection
We'd want a little bit of our flawed......

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Fri 26th Jul 2019 12:09

It sounds wonderful Jan.

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