Student poetess

Arising in bedsit land

tunes her learning mind

into hearing above the towns waking noises

the bell ringings call to academic arms superiority.

Sifts the coming day's literary, needs

appropriate hard backed educational harbingers.


Below her creaking floor,

other achievers to be

are joining in the morning's usual routined mayhem.


Shelved in sunlight Coleridge repose's 

free of and away from

any of his frosty midnights perhaps ghostily and kindly

censoring her early writing steps

those his feet also had to take across Lake District hills.


And through her paint crumbling window

as if peeking, the sun finds both her

and the little plastic beaked companion

soapily wallowing


performing submergence after submergence

seeking to beautify her possible open mic appearance

before elite throngs

hoping for more than a few crumbs of applause

for her initial efforts


or those of a different kind

made in the secrecy of cloisters.







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Jemima Jones

Sun 28th Jul 2019 18:38

funny you should mention Sir John, Leon, he's one of my favourite poets. Appreciate you spotting my accidentally misspelt word, and in return, I hope you don't mind me correcting Sir Johns surname, being
Betjeman. Thanking you Devon and Do.Rothy. Jemima.

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Fri 26th Jul 2019 12:49

touch of the Betjemens here Jemima. Loved the lucky for some end

ps-check od-of?

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