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In his liquor induced stupor
‘Fuck’ was wrote on the wall
In piss, just for a laugh.

Some collectors, on leaving
The latest Banksy exhibition,
Pontificating ferociously about
the disaffection of our youth
In this apparent nihilistic society,
Caught a glimpse and wondered
How much it would cost
To have this pile of
Bricks gently taken down,
And placed in their gallery.


Nissan Cherry. ►


<Deleted User> (7841)

Thu 11th Mar 2010 18:41

Thanks Chris and Ann for your feedback, much appreciated.

But to Chris, you got my meaning exactly. I wrote this after watching The Culture Show's feature on Banksy's new film and I though how is a man who is supposed to be so Anti-Establishment etc now totally part of it?

Also, I thought of how collectors only really care about art to brag to their friends the prices they paid.

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 11th Mar 2010 17:24

I like your use of the word "gently". Just right!

<Deleted User> (7841)

Thu 11th Mar 2010 13:31

thanks for your feedback, much appreciated for my first post :)

For a guy, drunk, it's pretty easy to basically stop anywhere and relieve yourself.
I don't know, maybe it was right after he did it and there was still traces, i'm not too sure, I'll have to try it out I guess.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 11th Mar 2010 13:20

You make a strong satire here with very appropriate diction like 'pontificating ferociously' which salutes good internal alliteration too. The other social situation of drunken stupidity is casual, but clear.

I'll be honest, I wondered how he stopped and started his urine so effectively. Maybe it's different with guys. Does piss leave a mark on brick when it dries?

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