Downtime despair

Needing a finale.

Night worker.

Going off with my ever so long ladder

to descend into the void

of midnights black slumberless mine

frustratingly chipping away

at the layers of withheld sleep

trying to hack out gems of subconsciousness

restlessnesses reparative rubies

while keeping an eye on the tenebrous sky

knowing that when the Moon instantly hides its face

and all the stars go out

I will have struck the richest vein.



◄ Left wanting

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Jemima Jones

Thu 25th Jul 2019 17:52

It's a difficult choice sometime's Devon whether or not to go for a punchline or leave the poem open-ended but in this instance, the former according to your and Afishamongmanys opinions and Avisheks liking has done its job. Thank you. Jemima.

Devon Brock

Wed 24th Jul 2019 22:30

Those last 3 lines are killer.

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Wed 24th Jul 2019 16:31

Yes Jemima, it can be when we're at our lowest that we find things that are most precious. Well expressed. ><>

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