More rubbish through the door

in spite of all the ‘No Junk’ words.

I grab the pile of leaflets and the

fast food ads, and hunt the postie

down a mere few doors along and

with the strongest terms, I press

the garbage back into his hand and

in rebuking tones I let him know my

views about abetting with the Royal

Mail to denude rain forests in the

Amazon and wider world beyond

You’ll have to go on on-line, he said

his face a scared cat pallor. What for?

I asked. Have you no say in matters

of the GPO as once was envied by the

world. His answer was subdued. So

OK, I know that I was rude to him,

that much I must admit. But don’t

these posties ever get the point of our

annoyance at the things they do to earn

their bosses yet more bucks, in spite of

postage stamps. Or is it me that groans

like Victor Meldrew on the yesteryear

TV. Forgive me if I have sinned I muse

since not a single drop of booze has

passed my lips since God knows when.

No excuse exists for this unwanted crap.




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Don Matthews

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 23:42

Thankyou Philipos for giving
Me also chance to rant
You, Lisa, me, my friend
Let's join in ranting chant

"We hate this bloody junk mail
Tra la la la la la
OK it helps to light our fires
But forests it does mar"

I get this bloody junk mail
In box (or under door)
It doesn't stop with one piece
It keeps in-flooding, more.....

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Lisa C Bassignani

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 20:51

Oh Philipos...the never ending stream of shiny paper that goes right into the bin-unopened, unread. The postal service is a wonderful thing, but the waste is astronomical! Every week I get no fewer than 5 large, glossy advertisements to sign up for cable and internet that I already have. WHY....

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