One Final Hurt

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Every now and then, we find a band aide to cover a wound on our soul

As soothing as it seems, we must pay the toll

for it will eventually begin to peel

and in anticipation of the pain we will feel

our muscles tense and our jaws clench

until it is pulled off all at once

like an assassin’s attack with no alert

one final hurt


To recover, we sleep as thunder rumbles its way through early morning dreams

Summer storms have begun, and it seems

things don’t matter so much now, somehow


All the tension that was building, now it is yielding

All the heat that was brewing, now it is cooling

Hearts soften, and daydreams are often

so in tune are we to the changing seasons

so humble should we be and full of reasons

to realize what we have in common:  that we share this space and time together

this little window of time, our impact light as a feather

Our choice:  to cause pain or bring pleasure.




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Michael Triandafils

Thu 30th Apr 2020 21:18

You captured the physical sensations of emotional pain very well. But I like the light coming through in the photo you chose, and I also like the compassion in the last verse, and the empowering realization that we have a choice in the matter. This obviously comes after time. It's hard to be this wise in the middle of heartache.

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Martin Elder

Sun 21st Jul 2019 16:42

AS Dorothy says there is a lot of truth in these words. It is how we learn to deal with the pain that we Carry that's important. A nicely crafted poem Rebecca.

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 21st Jul 2019 16:13

A sighing realisation Rebecca, :~ ) Tommy

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