The layering!!!

Layers upon layers of darkness and truth

A reality haunts and lurks behind in evilness


Conscious mind registers everything that happens

Before our eyes, ears and settles in the layers white


Unconsciousness affairs get blotted out 

Eyes sees not, ears hear not and mind knows not


Subconsciousness is a state of partial awareness

Eyes sees nothing but sees everything, ears too hear with words loud


Layers upon layers, what wasn't real or fake

Registered in recess of your inner brain


Deleting those memories is a tough job

As you are unaware of it's existence at all


Sudden awakening restores the blurred images

Rubbing them off permanently gets eased and it erases


Our senses are powerful tools, our feelings gives us signals too

A prayer to God, healing true, everything from sickness to purity improves

◄ Perfect Flight!!!



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Sat 20th Jul 2019 08:17

Don thank you for reading the poem and leaving your comment!!!

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Don Matthews

Sat 20th Jul 2019 03:57

Ah Brinda, your last line reveals your previous cloak. You are still the same nice person whatever ones name......

Your line: Deleting those memories is a tough job
is so true. They stay stored 'forever' giving us the warning to steer clear of things which will give us memories we will live to regret.

So what's in a name? - Irrelevant. It's the person behind the name that is......

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