Left wanting

Coldly do I contemplate abandonment

by two foolish to themselves lovers.


He who now wakes to greet nothing but loneliness

each sunrise

icily teared

sad, wintry faced.


He struck by realisations lightning

regretting damaging words

impossible to regurgitate.


Inciting the question.


Do both their hearts

intermittently break

like mine? 


O! irretrievable love, why

continue to mock at every given chance

every time our deflated thought clocks

chime in the seconds of regret

◄ Pillow prayer.

Downtime despair ►


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Jemima Jones

Wed 24th Jul 2019 13:59

I am grateful you took the time to reread this poem, Devon while at the same time that you Rose hadn't foolishly rejected any living meal tickets. So to you both and Martin, thank you. Jemima.

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Martin Elder

Sun 21st Jul 2019 18:58

Beautifully written Jemima, I am a sucker for poems written in this style.
Love it

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Rose Casserley

Sat 20th Jul 2019 10:15

I have plenty of foolish to themselves old flames in my past Jems
fortunately, none were millionaires.....?

well done on this piece chuck.

Rose ?

Devon Brock

Fri 19th Jul 2019 21:03

Jemima, it took a couple reads to sort out what is going on in this poem, but maybe I'm just dumb sometimes. I think every past love leaves an ember of want in the heart, even as we move on in our lives.


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