small fishes

Little fishes

 It is not easy to be baby fish

They are on their own from the word go

Avoiding bigger fish.

No time to build sand castles

Or play hide and seek in the seaweed.

It is about survival most of them get eaten.

They have no empathy, we have but

Ignore it when killing children in Yemen

And raping them.

Some children never see daylight

Abortion so easy to come by sees to that

Forever dreamless eternity

We are losing our empathy and humanity

We are becoming like the fish

Survive or die no one will care for them.

◄ seen in the woods

time lasts long in Portugal ►


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Thu 18th Jul 2019 14:07

Don you don't need to dare. You are welcome, although i ain't sure, it'd be the right place for any sorta discussion.
By the permission of the moderators i would like to discuss this further.

No offense meant to people of any belief, as no belief is also a belief.

We can't rely on God's help, without working on our prayers. God helps those who help themselves and others.

Sitting back and watch things working miraculously isn't a sane advice. But sometimes such wonderful magic do happen.

Don i agree with you that everything that goes wrong, is because of ourselves. What we sow we reap then why blame God.

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Don Matthews

Thu 18th Jul 2019 13:37

Dare I enter this? You have every right to hold onto your belief that God's help is always near DoRoThY. My view is like Tommy's. I cannot hold the view that suffering is acceptable because it must be 'God's will'. To me this is a convenient excuse to do nothing. God has willed this to happen. Who are we to question God's will? To me, we are the ones causing the problems. We are the ones needing to fix it.

As mentioned, DoRoThY , I am not criticising your beliefs. Just airing my own.

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Thu 18th Jul 2019 13:11

Yes Tommy it always is. I know you don't hold the same stance. But why do u feel otherwise?

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 18th Jul 2019 13:07

"God's help is near always" really?

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Thu 18th Jul 2019 11:25

Self care is the best care, but can't expect kids to that for themselves. Life at times seems so helpless, God's help is near always.. Genuine concern!! Well written!!

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