The throat still hurts

Croaking me like a froggy

Soothing with lots of honey

As i take off from work today

To rest a day untill health i regain

The sultry weather knocking us down

I don't have many an hour luxurious to enjoy

For there are many chapters left undone

Before the time is up and i be forever gone

God have mercy and bless me goodness

For i haven't any trust on this pharmacy business

They health you only to unhealth you again

So i let the real powers within work to healthy me

Providing tonics and drinks that will keep me wholesome

In good shape for a longer hours to come

So i have energy to keep going and accompolish

The task i am destined to in times to come



◄ Infection!!!

I had a dream!! ►


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Thu 18th Jul 2019 02:15

Thank you Jason, i hate to fall ill, it is sick....hahaha😂

<Deleted User> (22158)

Thu 18th Jul 2019 02:10

Nice job turning illness into art. Get well soon!!!

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