trying to be his own redeemer

in the cold light of another sad day

he looks up from the depths of his empty world.

The sky is a dream cemetery

where the dreams he failed to make real are buried.


Broken glass-like tears fill his eyes

his begging soul is on its knees.


Mercy is an unforgiving gauntlet he is continually running

confessionally seeking to unburden the weight of every secret wrong

still alive and at home

within his dark recesses, clinging, tugging at his weaknesses.


Surely somewhere in the corridors of his mind,

there has to be a door he can unlock

and free long-forgotten and warmer memories

he could reincarnate, those of the cleansed man he used to be


before the siege of self-destruction

before Satan began sitting on his shoulder

before heaven had removed the signs to a righteous life.



◄ wilting wallflower ( for Devon )

denying of child's play ►


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Thu 18th Jul 2019 17:07

thanks for the relevant comments Keith, Martin and Devon and
the all, important liker's Jon, Lisa, and Jason.

I think a lot of people today go through phases like those in this poem at certain times in their lives and depending on how deep in the individual mires of self-desruction some are in, it is those blessed with the capability to recover who are obviously the luckiest.

That said, it is fortunate for the unluckier people in circumstances such as these that there is a greater medical understanding of mental health today unlike not so long ago along with and thankfully so much communal help to hand as well.

Devon Brock

Wed 17th Jul 2019 22:29

Leon, I wanna echo Keith on the last two stanzas, fabulous, in particular, the chant like use of "before".


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Martin Elder

Wed 17th Jul 2019 22:16

This appeals to the melancholic side of my nature.
Nice one Leaon

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keith jeffries

Wed 17th Jul 2019 11:11


A philosopher dwells in the mind of every poet......

This speaks of wilful self ruination and the need for an opportunity to regain the former self also an acknowledgement of past wrongs which have been borne heavily. The last two stanzas seem to be a cry for renewal and resurrection.

Thank you as I enjoyed this.


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