Here I stay in a place I haven’t yet known sitting as an anxiety infused soul. 

I am not a being wrapped in flesh but a being wrapped in fear. 

It’s the uncertainty of the unknown that bothers me, what I won’t know till later and the things staring me down but I can’t see. 

The oblivion of tomorrow is what gets me. 

I let the worry choke me until I’m too worn to fight back any longer, I give in. 


I don’t want to fight you anymore because this isn’t a battle I can win without you. 

As I call out, the panic in my chest dissolves into tears. 

I let you wipe them away. 

My stubborn heart eases when you call me “Child”. 

When I give you the burdens of my heart you give me peace like nothing I’ve ever felt before.  

The fear that I am fades away as the love that you are covers me. 


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Wed 22nd Jan 2020 14:05

Calm, stillness, peace, solace. Release and freedom from your anxiety surrounds you now. Absorbing the very fabric of your being.

You Soul soars to heights that will make you drunk on the nectar of the Goddess who bathes you in an ethereal light that you will now henceforth shine forth.

Thus 'Your' illumed words of poetry will be like a beacon for others to see, so they may in turn see 'their way'.


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