Poems, snapshots of our life, or Kundalini of the moment.

As cameramen need light, so we too need the brightness

of our inspiration. Windows of the soul become desired goals.

So let them smirk at all our quirky ways but let the words

remain somewhere in abeyance of our forebearance just

as our parents may have encouraged us to do, let not our

precious words escape like slipping slates. Be Impala

like when in the veldt and hounded by baboons. Set free

your looney words even when the vultures circle overhead

but never let your legacy be sheepishness is all I pray. For

perhaps a day, some masterpiece will land on centre stage

being the crown by which people will remember who you were

and say, I'm certain it was him - he used to smoke coronas when

in later life but earlier rolled up ciggies like the street kids did






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Sun 14th Jul 2019 17:31

Sorry this didn't work for you Cynthia - alas that can sometimes be the case. Kundalini by the way is a heightened sense of soul awareness, usually associated with eroticism. Blessings. P.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 14th Jul 2019 14:53

This is really good.

I find the layout hard to follow. My responses felt 'pinched in'. Perhaps you're trying not to have too many lines. But, honestly, I feel more 'space' around your thoughts would give them greater clarity, and thus impact. Yes, it would be twice as long, at least, but is that so terrible?

'impalas and baboons' need to breathe. And 'vultures'. What is Kundalini?

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