After life!!!

Is afterlife a reality?

This query has circled around all ages

The books of God have given a glimpse of it

Heaven a beautiful home, a reward for repentant sinners

Hell a fire pit, prepared for those who did not pay much heed

Afterlife is wonderful for sinners who repented for their sins

Afterlife sounds a ghost story, nightmare for the obstinate of humans

Believer or disbeliever, both shall be resurrected on judgement day

The scrolls shall be laid, king of all kings shall sit on his mighty throne that day

Believers shall rejoice the mercy of God almighty for living life according to His commands

Disbelievers will regret being obstinate, shall plead for another chance....which shall never be

The choice is ours to make, whether we shall believe and in obedience live

Or disbelieve and live a life on earth according to our wishes, whims and fancies


Why this life on earth?

It's a test for all of us

Those who succeed

Shall in heaven proceed

Those who fail

Will in hell forever remain.


Is God just?

It's indeed justice extremely pure

Granting heaven to those who strived hard to live a life extremely pure.

Granting hellfire to those who strived hard to live a life extremely impure.

Will it not be justice fair to give each one their hard earned share?


Why follow the book?

The God who made you knows you well

He has sent an instruction manual

Any scientifically reasonable person will approve

Every complex gadget comes with an elaborate manual

So follow what the commands are instructed in the book

For he who created you knows what you need on earth to do


What is Success??

Fame, power, money are success too

But they change hands very soon

So none can bank on temporary achievements

Making us logically think about permanent success

No matter how healthy, wealthy and famous you are on earth

With death all these honours will go down the dust

So strive for achievements that lead to permanent success

Yes, heaven is indeed that success which shall be eternal forever

No death shall steal your money, power, family and good health

So think wisely as you still have time to strive for your heavenly space


Dear Atheist, God loves you too as he does any of his creatures

He isn't angry or planning to avenge you, rather he is waiting to hear your footsteps at his door

He is a kind, loving, forgiving and merciful God of all

He is waiting and impatiently looking for his followers from the sky above

Retreat is easy, repentance is a sincere tear drop and all will be perfectly fine, by the will of your Loving God.


You are welcome home!!!

◄ Confused thoughts!!

Bed of roses!!! ►


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Sun 14th Jul 2019 15:05

Thanks Cynthia for contributing your views... You are always welcome to share your thoughts💐

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 14th Jul 2019 14:36

The umbrella concept of 'Father-Mother-God' at least removes 'maleness' out of such a discussion, in which persuasion rarely occurs.

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