one summer evening

 Summer evening  

The day is gone

Darkness is moving in

My day

Correcting poem

Writing new ones is over

Time for TV.

I have read the news

Not uplifting

Seeing Trump

The elected dictator

Triumphant boasts.

Why are the Americans

So stupid

Can he not see

He s shyster

Dragging you into

A new war

Marching happily

Into war for his benefit

Thousand of your soldiers

Die painfully

For his honour


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Martin Elder

Sun 14th Jul 2019 16:00

Sadly I think there are always those who vote for the ideals of a better future based on what was seemingly better in the past, regardless of the candidate or the country.

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Sun 14th Jul 2019 10:47

War and bloodshed of our fellow humanbeings is not a reasonable decision. We are one mankind, one big brotherhood, then how can we kill eachother?
This side or that....ultimately it's our family, our brothers, our human beings who die.
We fight cancer, aids and other incurable disease. Why can't we fight WAR, stand against it inorder to save our one big human race?
I agree with you!!! Totally!!!

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