Carrier Waves

waves of static,
from solid state to your logic gate
as the wavelength bleeds
can you hear me breathe?

Can you hear me
do you recieve
my static presence
on your frequency
slowly erased by radio waves
I'll never die, just steadily wane

currents shift in an unseen sea
urging  tides to carry me
towards the shores
where reality dreams
and the void is mother of all mysteries
the flesh decays
but the mind remains
on carrier waves
the beats repeat
as the brain remains
on carrier waves
from here you can peer between the veneers
the reign of illusion now bright and clear
sunspots flash to disappear
in tune with the movement of the spheres
minds that drift on solar winds
relay to the alien familiar scenes
memories indefinately
resonate energy
on your frequency
can you hear me breathe?


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<Deleted User> (7073)

Wed 10th Mar 2010 21:33's weird until someone rings your bell stuff just passes you by, I like this a lot, I admire the way you interweave clearly scientific terms with shall we say tending to the mystical or spiritual and finally close up personal....

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 9th Mar 2010 07:37

I like the way your poems seem so scientific! That is unusual, which is good. I agree about the rythm too, esp in the first verse.

<Deleted User> (7810)

Mon 8th Mar 2010 22:03

Thanks very much

<Deleted User> (6375)

Mon 8th Mar 2010 21:18

hi Matthew,

I really like this it's gotta great rhythm and the top and tail of the line'can you hear me breathe'.
Great stuff!

Cat x

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