to suddenly age

To suddenly be old

It came so suddenly one day I woke and was old

I thought it was never going to happen.

To be old is ok up to a point, but the body is falling apart

I walk with a cane now, constant pain when walking unaided.

I have lost my sense of humour nothing is funny,

What made me laugh has turned into shrug about the idiocy

Of humans. We see this clearly when a British troops board

An Iranian vessel, after request, by the USA it is laughable

How they want a war that has no reason other

Then revenge when Iranian students took over the American

Embassy in 1976, it is sniggering funny, I am not laughing as

 the world faces another calamity, a war that will hit us all.

Brexit is a hoot the British elite at its worst; it lacks dignity

When incompetent politicians fight for power, do anything

To avoid Corburn getting to control and destroy

The elite’s little earners, I shrug we have been here before

And it is not funny.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 13th Jul 2019 16:17

I suspect that in my eighth decade I am older than you but still
free of the sour flavour that can be a taste of advancing years.
Keep may never happen. But I do agree with you about "incompetent politicians"...perhaps more accurately
devious/dismissive. Those opposing & impeding Brexit swore
an oath of allegiance to the Queen, her heirs and successors,
yet are clearly ready to subordinate our Head of State and Parliament itself - minus any mandate from or reference to the
electorate - to a foreign entity comprised of "member states" all
busy looking after themselves but able to influence/control the
country's laws and governing process. Now these same politicos
have the chutzpah to talk of a sovereign parliament's right to
decide Brexit's path to completion. Humbug of the first magnitude.

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