Slow poisoning!!

Secretly mixing chemicals in the food

Seasoning it with my favourite fruits

The best of delicacies that can be made

Adulterating it with poisionous spices

Turning the lips blue, chapped and breaking

Sapping the energies and causing me collapsing

The slow effect eating my body away 

Hair falling tremenously, with every combing a bunch coming

I can only look at myself in the mirror, slowly dying and becoming weak

There isn't any place where i can hide, for they are always behind

They find every stuff where they can place their stuff

My lipsticks, shampoo, lotions and the milk i drink

My friends and their friends are seeing this slow game

No one can help, but they can enjoy this game of death

No one knows my time, but i can feel it every day and every night

The angels have almost reached to take out my little piece

Now even i am ready to leave, as i am sick and tired of waiting and being lonely

Slow poison working fast like bullet hitting its target fast

My time is almost up, so i have preapred myself well

Here i stand to take your leave, and wish you all a happy life journey

We will meet again some day some time in a different realm and a different zone

Untill then adieu my friends adieu forever more

◄ Impossibly possible!!! :)))))

If i could know!! ►


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Sat 13th Jul 2019 11:33

Thank you Keith for reading and appreciating the poem🌷

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keith jeffries

Fri 12th Jul 2019 22:37


At first glance a poem full of melancholy but as each line is read a process becomes apparent. As we approach our ultimate destiny we entertain these thoughts and ideas and hope for a quickening of time to accomplish the final endeavour. A cleverly written poem and one to be read several times over.

Thank you for this


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