victims? oh yeah! victims!

Parole board soft soapers

belatedly crying in the aftermaths

of their ridiculously reduced sentencing mistakes


as the criminals that fooled them

with their yes sirs! no sirs! three bags full sirs!

are liberated well before their allocated jail terms should have ended


freed to immediately go and spread their thieving tentacles

spawning yet more fresh crime

catching up on where they left off


living their flamboyant styled stealing lives

in sheer Costa Del Sol luxury.


I will with absolutely no doubt be seeing

their robbing futures blossom on film

winning awards, selling DVD's by the thousand

along with all the other associated swiss bank account swelling paraphernalia

and all because of tabloid glorification.


Shall I have mercy on this barefaced cheek

and allow myself to be sucked into 

the usual public naive vulnerability

or pointlessly as will probably be the case

attempt to stand out from the gullible crowd


in trying to cling to a decency

that millions of REAL heroes have died for.






◄ an old, old drinking buddy as an example

wilting wallflower ( for Devon ) ►


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Sun 14th Jul 2019 10:56

my absolute pleasure Keith.

Mindy, you will have to find a laugh silencer ?

M.C. I did read about the case you mentioned and unless I'm mistaken there were two or three police officers in attendance when the female partner was stabbed to death in front of them-WHAT!?
that is if we are talking about the same case?

Don, the likes of the Great Train Robbery hits the nail on the head of my meanings of this poem.

Cheers for all the great comments and generous likes ?

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Don Matthews

Sat 13th Jul 2019 06:19

Would we deny the public
Entertainment, great excitement
The Great Train Robbery brought us all
For TV armchair enlightenment?

Would we deny our Ronnie
Hard-earned publicity
With TV and a film to boot
For all of us to see?

OK he copped a few kicks
For bringing us this joy
Let's all bow down to Ronnie
Biggs, film star, our boy.......

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 13th Jul 2019 01:42

Well penned about those who should remain "penned"
I agree with the comments from KJ and MN. The recent release on
parole of a double killer who was a career criminal got me writing
to my MP and describing the government department in charge as
The Monstrosity of Injustice. They love and piously pursue the
mantra of "rehabilitation" in preference to fully justified and deserved retribution.

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keith jeffries

Fri 12th Jul 2019 17:56


A magnificent poem, the conclusion of which is brilliant as it says it all to those who are fooled by today´s media in all its mischevious forms.

Thank you for this


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