Impossibly possible!!! :)))))

There's no point in wasting time

In despair, anxiety, depression and fear

Life is too short to be destroyed in wasteful acts

There're reasons many and visions we can fulfill

Then why to sit crying over things which would never happen

Most of our fears, doubts and anxiety are useless

For they never turn out to be the way we thought them to be

There is a bigger plan working this life and all others

The whole universe is ticking time in reverse

Days are numbered, so are our breaths and life

Wasting a drop of our life's precious second is like losing a diamond precious

Everything that is meant to be will perfectly be at the appointed hour

No evil or wicked power can stop the things destined to come into effect

Fears and anxiety are baseless and shows a mark of our weakness

Optimistic thoughts, positive efforts and strong determination creates magical wonders

Prayers with convictions and right guidance

Helps us attain endeavours significant yet humanly impossible

Divine powers and sources works in our favour always

So hold back tight and buckle up for your life's impossibly possible flight


Cheers to all!!

Cheers to life!!


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Don Matthews

Sun 14th Jul 2019 09:28

This echoes your beliefs which have come out in previous work. Nice to see DoRoThY

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Sun 14th Jul 2019 09:13

Thank you Jason for your wonderful uplifting comment, much appreciated🌷

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Sun 14th Jul 2019 09:12

I agree with you Lisa!! A double death for those who worry....thank you for reading🌷

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Sun 14th Jul 2019 09:11

Thank you Mindy for your lovely comments💐

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 12th Jul 2019 15:45

True Dorothy, you have some real, deep insights in this and even I, one of the faithless, can read this and see the strength of heart and mind that is endowed on those with faith. As Lisa said, fear is the equivalent of suffering twice. Very moving.

J. x

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lisa donohoe

Fri 12th Jul 2019 15:32

To fear or worry is the equivalent of suffering twice. Relieving the pain for a second time . I absolutely loved this peice great job 💕

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