The Other Side

You see, 

I tell you these things

Not to show you that I am happier,

But to show you that I am now free.


Dancing in the light

I hold out my hand to you,

Not because I have something to prove, 

But because not long ago I was standing in your shoes,


Because I know what it feels like

To be lost in the middle of the sea

Without any shore in sight,

All those nights I was so very tired, 


Swimming against currents and rip tides,

All those days I didn't feel like I would make it.

But to stand here now,

To look back out on the water, I am proud,


This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

And so, I know that it is hard for you, too,

Maybe even more so than it was for I,

But my darling, now that I have made it to the other side,


I am here to tell you 

That the pain becomes irrelevant when you have finished the fight, 

That I believe in you, that you can do this,

Let go of your fear, throw your arms open and turn your face to the light,


For there will come a point in time 

You will look back and realize,


This was all so very worth it. 


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